Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kareena, Priyanka carries on with their fight!

Hot Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have decided to carry on with their fight.
Their fight started at the chat show Koffe with Karan when Kareena made fun of Priyanka’s accent.
Priyanka did not sit quite on this and went back to Kareena by saying that she has acquired her accent from the same place from where Saif Ali Khan got his.
After this, they met and hugged each other at an awards function but that was just for the sake of some polished pics of the two actresses.
The cold war again aroused when Kareena Kappor said that she does not think that priyanka Chopra is an actress.
However, Priyanka Chopra behaved decently this time as she said that she still takes Kareena kapoor as a good actress.
But seems their wars will go on forever. Priyanka Chopra is back in fighting mode.
Other side Kareena has been careful about not making any comment about Priyanka post their patch-up, but Priyanka seems to have forgotten that they have buried the differences.
Priyanka Chopra commented in a film magazine in mid-March, saying ‘I don’t think Kareena likes me’. A source told Mumbai Mirror, “Kareena was shocked when she read it. Just when Kareena was trying to forget about the incident, Priyanka reportedly said at a recent press conference that she considers Kareena as an actress but it’s a pity that Kareena doesn’t consider her one. “This time Kareena’s shock was compounded. Why is Priyanka raking up the past, that too with such alarming regularity? After their patch-up, Kareena has never said anything against Priyanka. In fact, she has been quite fond of her. Why is Priyanka on this unnecessary and continuous rampage of making jabs at her?” the source continued.

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